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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Collective Wisdom on How to Gather

Over the years, the collective wisdom of gathering participants have put together information on how to create a positive gathering for yourself, other gatherers, and the land upon which we gather.

The original version of this is the Mini Manual of Gathering Consciousness.  Normally appearing in the Rainbow Guide each year,the Mini Manual, for short, covers in a brief 8 pages, how to positively create and participate in a gathering.  Click here to view the entire Mini Manual in PDF format.
As with everything gathering related, gathering participants creatively re-imagine how to share knowledge with each and every one of us on an on-going basis. In 2014, I first saw the Where Do I Poop pamphlet.  Click here to view Where Do I Poop in PDF Format. If you choose to print it, the first page is the back outside cover and the last page is the inside center-fold.

Please note these files make take a few minutes to download. Please read, download, copy and redistribute this information freely.

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