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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Experience the Rainbow - - 1978

Experience the Rainbow - Part 1- 1978 - Excerpt

Enjoy words of wisdom from some of the earlies when they were the youngers!  See who you recognize.

But please servers, don't let folks hold their cups over the communal pot. 

Experience the Rainbow - Part 2 - 1978 
Experience the Rainbow Part 3 with my favorite fiddler.

Experience the Rainbow - Part 4 - 1978

Experience the Rainbow - Part 5 - 1978



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  2. Kudos to my fav blogger! And did you know that's Glowing Feather Maji @ 0:52 in Part 2? Skinny and stark nekked in his youth in the middle of the circle back in the days when our councils were gigantic.


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