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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Council/Counsel/Circle -> Seed Camp

*** Updated June 14 @ 11:30 AM Cali time ***

Spring council is over. Folks have moved onto the site. Click here for details.

*** Original post ***

Spring council/counsel/circle  (spring ccc) starts June 10. Spring ccc will be held in the southern portion (Manchester district) of the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont.

People who have been scouting have said that they are still considering several options which will be presented to the council for consensus. The location of spring council will not be at any of the sites under consideration for the gathering.
Spring ccc is where the site for the 2016 gathering will be determined and gathering layout begins. There may be travel to see sites the scouts propose, lots of walking, discussion and consensus. All are welcome to participate in the process.

However, if you come, please be self sufficient. Bring clothes for warm, wet and cold weather, good boots/shoes. Water and Food to share, shelter (tent, sleeping bag, etc) your own cup bowl spoon, all the stuff you'd need for gathering & a sense of humor. 

As a refresher, the purpose of spring ccc is to determine where home is. The individuals who have been out scouting will have information to share about the site(s) they found and the family on the land at spring ccc will have to reach consensus by silence or by foot on where we will be.  Directions to spring CCDs will be available on wed June 8th.  If you are heading there now go towards the southern section of the green mountain national forest of Vermont.  (The Manchester district of the forest)

Please be advised that from spring ccc, the gathering moves into Seed Camp.  Folks at seed camp find and develop water sources,set up the first kitchen and dig the first latrines, locate and mark out the parking lot, lay out trails and remove obstructions, locate Main Circle and dig the fire pit, and set up a welcoming entrance to the gathering.

This is a time when you can work intensely with a few other people and form some deep friendships. 

From this seed grows the flower of our Gathering.

Just an FYI, early in the gathering is when law enforcement presence can be the most intense as ratio of cops to gatherers may be high

This is a great time to form relationships with the USFS resource personnel, work out an unsigned operating plan with the rangers, and set up a process by which the USFS personnel can meet with gatherers on-the-land.  A specific location and time is a really good strategy as then everyone in camp knows where/when to be if they want to meet or not meet with the forest service. It takes many voices to do this work.  If you are not sure what an operating plan is, check out the collection of past operating plans on-line.

Directions to spring council/circle/counsel

Directions to spring council-
From Manchester take highway 11 east.
Turn left on Main St toward Peru.
At general store, Left onto Hapgood pond Rd (also a sign saying wild wing xc).

Drive  roughly a mile till fs22.
Slight left onto fs22, then 3/4 mile to fs21, then left onto fs21.
At fork in Rd with the small stop sign, stay left on fs 21, site is 2 miles on your left at the rock stack.
Mostly road parking, save spots in the small lot for those that can't get around as well.

For a handy map, click here.

If you're looking for a major town, try Albany. There is a bus that heads up to the Green Mountains. https://www.vttranslines.com/bus-schedules/ 


  1. In addition to normal self sufficiency, be prepared for lots of bugs - mostly mosquitoes, black flies and gnats. A head net is a great idea

  2. Has anyone invited the Leo's to join the council, they are family too...

    1. The Leo's are not family. That's a rumor started long ago. They are already invited just like you and I. We should actually ask them to stay away which we used to do. We don't need them and their guns in the church.

    2. Last summer the local sheriff joined our circle, was very respectful, positive and helpful during the Gathering, just saying

  3. As an LEO I'd be more than happy to meet with folks and work towards solving problems, concerns, issues, etc regarding the gathering. There's no need for hate in this planning and excluding folks because of their profession seems to be against what this is all about. Try to keep an open mind and don't judge an entire class of people (LEO's) based upon encounter's with someone else. It would be rude and unfair to judge the entire Family based upon the actions of some participants.

    1. Thank you for being willing to work with people on the land and for being open minded.


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