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Sunday, June 26, 2016

(Almost) All the Information You Need To Know

Rainbow Gathering Vermont 2016,
Our 45th Annual!

This post was last updated Sun, June 26, 8 AM, eastern time.
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Please check back frequently.

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Micro Version (chafing at the bit? just want coordinates?)
N 43.36087 W 72.90240 (pop in any GPS or map program and pray … it'll probably work )
Mini Version (takes just a minute of your precious divided attention)
There are 2 ways in depending on whether you're coming from the WEST (NYC, Florida and all points west) or the EAST (I-91, Boston, Cape Cod, Amherst, Berkshires, New Haven, Hartford, Maine). For both, use the same coordinates as above. From the WEST you will come thru Danby, VT. From the EAST the village is Londonderry, VT.
>> Here's Mark Squire's ("New Scout") directions (previously posted) coming from points WEST:
From all points South take highway 7 from Manchester Vermont. Go 10 miles and turn right on Forest Road 10 (Brooklyn Rd). The site is 6 miles on your left.
From all points North take Highway 7 from Rutland Vermont. Go 20 miles and take a left turn on Forest Road 10 (Brooklyn Rd). The site is 6 miles on your left
>> Coming from points EAST:
Come in thru Londonderry, VT (avoid Weston!). Shop @ Clark's IGA which has BLOCK ICE (closes 9 PM)! Take hwy 11 west a half mile. Turn right on Landgrove and go 2.8 miles. At the fork follow Landgrove to the left for another 1.2 miles. Watch for Little Michigan Rd where you will go left for just .4 miles. Take a right on Forest Road 10 (little brown forest servce sign, AKA Mt Tabor Rd or Seasonal Forestry Rd). Go 7 miles to Welcome Home! 

The LONG / MAXO version (for really patient hippies who can tolerate reading for more than a New York minute)
So here's ALL the most important info YOU need to know to get in, park and have a safe and fun 45th annual Rainbow Gathering! Since this post has gotten way too long, here's a 

Photo by Darryl Bush/Chronicle for SFGate
>> Public Transit (bus, train, flying)
>> Re. Weston, VT
>> Brattleboro, VT shopping
>> Elevation
>> Temperature and Weather
>> Water
>> Parking
>> Handicamp
>> Compost Pits
>> Poisonous Plants
>> Ticks and Lyme Disease
>> Bugs and Insects
>> Topo Map
>> Site Map
>> YouTube videos
>> Bus Village
>> Baseball Field in Mt Tabor

>> Public Transit (bus, train, flying). Click here for Karin's blog and scroll down to "Using Public Transit"http://northeastrainbowgathering.blogspot.com/…/howdy-folks…
>> Re. Weston, VT. If you use GPS or a map program coming in from the EAST, it will probably bring you in thru Weston which just cuts off 3 miles (from the Londonderry directions above). This works ok BUT … 1) Weston only has tiny stores and 2) hwy 100 is closed a couple miles north of town. This isn't an issue since most people are coming in from I-91 exit 6 which doesn't come over the closed road. If you are coming in from the north over 100, there is a detour but it's very poorly marked. So best to just avoid Weston and drive the extra 3 miles.
>> Brattleboro, VT shopping. For folks coming from the EAST, do your final shopping in Brattleboro on I-91 just over the state line from Mass. It's a great town with a HUGE food co-op (feels like Whole Foods inside) and box stores. They like us … give them your business! If you can make it to Londonderry before 9 PM though, skip the ice in Brattleboro and buy the block ice at Clark's IGA in Londonderry. Clark's closes at 9 PM.
>> Elevation: about 2000 feet
>> Temperature and Weather: warm days, cool nights. So far little rain.
>> Water: so far so good
>> Parking … is along FR 10 (AKA Mt Tabor Rd or Seasonal Forestry Rd) on the north side of the road only. F.S. has requested that all vehicles face west (towards Danby/Mt Tabor) which means if you come in from the west you'll have to turn around to park. If you have a good reason or need to park facing east it's ok. Otherwise they'd prefer we face west. Check all along FR 10 (both east and west of the 2 gates) and going south on FR 30. If needed the F.S. will open FR 60 for parking (a couple miles west of the gates).
>> Handicamp … Due to the very narrow roads, almost no meadows near the gates, we really don't have one this year. Main trail from the west gate (see map in comment below) is wheelchair friendly and fairly level or slightly uphill. Drop off at the gate and park on the road. As I write this on June 26th, there is still parking within 1/3rd mile of the east/supply gate although it will be filling up. For closest parking check all along FR 10 (both east and west of the 2 gates) and going south on FR 30.
>> Compost Pits … The Operations Plan is requiring all compost pits to be covered this year out of concern for wildlife.
>> Poisonous Plants … The Operations Plan mentions at least one plant we should avoid. It has been called "Poison Parsnip", "Wild Parsnip" and "Pastinaca Sativa". This page has good info:http://www.nyis.info/index.php?action=invasive_detail&id=61. No need to be alarmed as I have not seen anyone with a rash yet and people on site don't seem unconcerned.
>> Ticks and Lyme Disease … These are real concerns this year. Over 60% of the ticks in this forest are Lyme carriers however I have only heard of one person who had a tick on them. There are several posts in this group. Here's one of the better ones. RAP 101 on TICKS.https://www.facebook.com/groups/112810215728003/permalink/291130171229339/
>> Bugs and Insects … abundant as usual at east coast Gatherings and worst @ sunset. Many vampire like deer flies are the most bothersome. Mosquitoes aren't too bad. Bring your favorite sprays and remedies!
>> Topo Map, see the first comment below
>> YouTube videos … none yet but check this link as I'm sure they will start showing up any day.
If you don't have a bus or big rig you can skip everything from here down.
>> Bus Village … the Operations Plan states:
"Buses may also be parked in areas designated for vehicle parking to the extent they are parked in a manner that does not interfere with ingress/egress of normal vehicle traffic flow … Overflow and bus parking (which cannot comply with the prior parking standards) is available on the baseball field in the town of Mt Tabor …"
Unfortunately there isn't anywhere for our normal B.V. area this year. It's almost all roadside parking. Your best bet is to find a spot along a road where you can park far to the right so that traffic can easily pass and you should be fine. There is a tiny B.V. 1/2 mi. east of the east/supply gate however it's full. So as mentioned above under "Parking" check all along both FR 10 and FR 30. Eventually there may also be overflow on FR 60.
>> Baseball Field in Mt Tabor … This is right on FR 10 (Brooklyn Rd). There is zero shade and a couple of porta potties. As I write this there isn't a source for filtered water so you'll have to haul it in. There is a stream if you need wash water. You will be 6 mi from the Gathering. We have dubbed this "Welcome Homeplate, Camp Almost Home".


  1. My daughter arrived today. This is her 2nd time going she is excited and happy to see everone again. Biig Hi from Corvallis Oregon since I could not go.

  2. I'm interested in teaching a yoga class on Saturday - I was told to talk to information but I'm not sure how!

    1. Find a place you want to teach your class... a small meadow near a kitchen or something. Then, find your way to the Information Booth near Main Meadow. They will point you toward the Activities Bulletin Board, or will give you paper to post on the message board. Write down the time and place there, and people will see it.

      You can also make a sign with information and walk around the dinner circle when folks are eating and chatting and just show it, or call out the info as you walk around the circle during eating time.


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