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Friday, June 24, 2016

Update from the site June 24

Hi all,

Site is lovely. Wagons, wagons, wagons.  Parking going OK but it's tight. Please squeeze as many people into the car as possible.  See rap on large vehicles on this blog.

Horses have right of way on roads in Vermont, Ran into people walking horses down the dirt road on the ay out this morning.

Bugs not too bad. Evenings they come out.

Lot's of kitchens on site.  Very mellow peaceful scene.  When you drive in, only park on the side of the road were cars are already parked - some pranksters are taking down the "no parking" signs.

When you drive in an see cars parked along the road, park yourself behind the last car in line as far over as you can get and facing the same directions as the other cars.

There is places to get cell reception on site but signal is coming from a long way and you'll burn your battery quickly


  1. How long of a hike is it from the parked cars to the main gate? I am confused by the map scale.

  2. That really depends on where you end up parking your car. This year there is no parking meadow and all cars are on the sides of roads. Folks are going to try to keep volunteer shuttle runs going from the points most ppl are parking to the East Gate/Main Gate. But if it isn't happening you will have to hoof it.

    Many people who arrive with a friend Will drop their stuff and their friend off at the trailhead/main gate, then go find parking.

    The hike in from the trailhead is said to be a half mile to a mile and a half, depending on where you want to set up your tent.

    Main trail is good for wagons and bikes. The transcontinental trail is much more difficult for wheeled things I hear.


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