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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let the Games Begin

Every year once the gathering location is sorted out, the media goes into a feeding frenzy that fuels negative reactions from the local community.

The best way to counteract this is to contact the media, introduce yourself, invite reporters to come out to the site, and put our best foot forward.

If you are in town and see family who are engaging in negative activity, Shanti Sena the situation using peaceful loving methods and help family get back up to the site while trying your best to get their needs met. Remember with freedom comes responsibility.

If you spend money in town, introduce yourself as someone who is here for the gathering. Be polite and respectful.  Share your personal perspective.  Help out someone in the local community. Spend money in town.

Hopefully, folks on the land are planning a town hall meeting where we invite the community to get to know us in a space that is more comfortable for the local community.  Make sure to let the media know when and where so a good cross section of the community can participate. 

Some people who live in small towns aren't used to dealing with the diversity of people the gathering draws. Creating a time and space where we can meet each other one-on-one is a critical way to dispel rumors and misinformation. 

Please encourage people to use the medical resources at the gathering and not burden the local hospitals.  Once CALM is set up, go there or send a runner for any critical needs.  CALM will treat you on site at no cost and/or make appropriate arrangements for transport to the best provider for your needs as they will be reaching out to the local facilities to determine protocols etc. Most years we have medical doctors, EMTs, and all flavors of nurses on site who can assess your needs.  Please do not call 911 yourself unless it is a life/death situation like a heart attack.  We will provide no cost transportation to the hospital if that's where you need to go.

Please let your family help you!


  1. Karin, I could use some help. I am a Vermonter and I would love to visit for a day but due to certain disabilities it will have to be a day trip before the main events. I just would like to talk to some of the folks who get there early. Your gathering site is just over the hill from my grandfather's old hill farm. Is it okay to just come like maybe next week for a few hours and be able to get out again?

  2. Please just come at your convenience. You will be welcomed with open arms. Just let the folks parking cars know about your needs and they can fill you in on what is happening.

  3. I must admit I am a little precarious about the "park along the road" situation. From what I remember of Vermont, there isn't much of a shoulder to park along and then you are walking within the actual road with turns and such, which could be dangerous to both the cars traveling along it and the rainbows hiking in. Not to mention leaving your car on the side of the road? Is this legal? Is this safe? Is there a shuttle going up and down the road constantly pick rainbows up from the cars? I don't understand this system since I have only experienced Rainbows with parking lots?

    Can we get a cab in? If so, Is there signal at the site?

  4. Rumor is no cell service on site. Everything at a gathering is done by volunteers when they feel like doing it. No guarantees.


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