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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rainbow Hipstory

Come listen to the stories of how the first Rainbow Gathering came to be, by some of the people who were there! 

Medicine Story will be c
oming HOME to Vermont this year, possibly for the last time since he is now 86 and lives nearby in NH. We are having a special Hipstory session with him and several other "earlies" who were at the first Rainbow Gathering in Granby, Colorado, 1972. 

The event will take place at 2pm, on July 3rd, on the land at Granola Funk Theater.

Do not miss this!

It will be filmed and posted for those who aren't on the land.




  1. This was so beautiful. Honor, respect, and lots and lots of LOVE for these early folks who collectively had a happy accident we call home.

    1. And thank you,thank you, thank you :-)

  2. Thank you thank you! I know many folks have mixed feelings about video/any kind of recording, and of course nothing compares to first-hand experience, but as a "youngin'" who has been unable to make it home the past few years, I am very grateful and looking forward to seeing the video of this!


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