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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Early Gatherers Share Hipstories

Updated 6/22/16 @ 11 AM Cali time


Every year on July 5th @ dark thirty (usually at Granola Funk), we do a Hipstory where we tell the stories of the gatherings starting in 1972 and continuing until present.  Of late, anyone who was at a gathering is free to tell her/his story about that year.

This year Medicine Story will be coming HOME for the last time as he is in his mid 80's and lives nearby in New Hampshire.  He is one of the original Rainbows from our first gathering in Granby, Colorado in 1972.  There will be a few others from that era who will join Medicine Story for an additional/special Hipstory session about how Rainbow got started.   We have scheduled this for Sunday, July 3rd around 2:00 PM.  It will possibly be at or near Granola Funk but check with INFO.

We are excited to have an amazing story teller, Medicine Story, sharing his hipstory. Click here for more info on Medicine Story. I'm sure a few more "earlies" make make an appearance as well.

Rumor has it that Garrick B., Plunker and Glowing Feather will be here as well.

We expect that several people will be video-ing this Hipstory for the record since these precious memories are quickly fading away as our Family's "earlies" pass on.  You won't want to miss this!  There will be a special area designated for anyone who prefers not to appear in the videos.

Medicine Story's brief bio

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is a storyteller, an elder and a keeper of the lore of the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts. Author of ten published books and a former columnist and poetry editor with the internationally acclaimed journal Akwesasne Notes, he has also edited Heritage, a journal of Native American liberation. He continues to develop tools for creating a more humane society based upon teachings of the elders of the First Nations and the explorations of his camps under the designation The Circle Way.

Manitonquat has spoken to peace conferences and groups on 3 continents, was the keynote speaker at the United Nations observance of the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination, directs prison programs for native spirituality, advises a nature school, and, with his wife Ellika, Circle Way workshops and annual international family camps in 10 European countries and the US.


  1. It's going to be soul wonderful to share it. Love Medicine Story the July 3rd Hipstory will be all about Early Rainbow 72... We will still have the July 5Th for All the rest of the Hipstory of all the past Rainbows by Glowingfeather the MaJi at GFunk theater after Dinner Circle


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