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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Important Info for Buses and Other Large Live-in Vehicles

For Directions to the Vermont Rainbow Gathering, please see the post called HOWDY FOLKS.

Here is a message from the 2016 Vermont Bus Village Parking Crew:

SERIOUS WARNING to big bus and RV drivers: (important to share with others coming to Vermont Gathering)

Come in from the West at Mt Tabor turnoff from Hwy7 about halfway between Manchester and Rutland and do not try to take your rigs up the long steep narrow winding road the 7 miles to the gathering site as there are no places left there to park for big rigs and no safe place to even turn around!

Tow trucks have been seen going up there yesterday and today at the vehicle owners' expense. 

There is a vehicle-eating ditch hidden by grasses at the edge of the pavement and gravel road all the way up.

Instead, park at the designated Bus Village Parking lot 100 yards from that Brooklyn Road turnoff from Hwy7 about 50 feet past the railroad tracks.

Slow down to a crawl at the railroad crossing so you don't miss the driveway on the left across the street from the gravel pile or you will miss the driveway on the left that is marked with a sign and green cordon tape but that only entrance is obscured from view by trees until you are right there.

If you miss that turn there is no room to turn around until about half mile up the road on the right where the driveway to the Mount Tabor Town Office is big enough to back in and turn back down the road. If you are towing a vehicle and miss the turn to this lot you are pretty much screwed and likely will need to disconnect the trailer there and reconnect it after making that 3point turn at the Town Office.

Try to arrive here in daylight so your rig can be carefully guided to park on the edges of this flower field and sensitive wildlife habitat to preserve as much as we can for the fireflies and wild turkeys nesting there, which also means all dogs must be completely controlled at all times, and on leash without fail when walking around! You know they will hunt those turkey chicks if they get loose to romp in the Meadow !

Please keep completely away from the center of the far right outfield of this abandoned baseball field to protect the wildlife nesting grounds.

When we guide you to your parking spot here, that will be your home until the gathering is over, absolutely no driving in and out during that time as the rigs will be packed in tightly around the tree line with a few feet on the side so you have space outside next to the trees.

Individuals here have chipped in to rent portapotties here at the road edge just before the driveway as you come in, another marker to find the driveway as you come in.

If you think someone is saving you a parking space up above, you will need to park temporarily someplace nearby before this lot and get a shuttle ride up to the site to confirm before taking the very serious risk of damage by driving your rig up there to check it out.

Please share this very important and very serious warning to anyone you want to protect from a nightmare on the way Home.

Bring lots of water because the only source here as of this morning is the adjacent creek water that you need to filter for drinking.

Camp Almost Home, 

Welcome Homeplate, 

Overflow Bus Village Parking Crew


  1. Would I be welcome to come and shoot some photos of your event? Hope so! It would just be for personal/your use.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Camera policy at the Gathering is that 1) folks hope you can just use your memories instead of your camera but that being said, 2) always ask first if you are taking a photo in which people's faces can be seen. If you are photographing a large group scene, like a kitchen, folks usually call out, "I'm taking a photo of this area here!" and ask folks to turn their heads if they mind or jump out of the way.

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  3. Wish that I could attend. Instead I'll be out at Somerset FR71 ( airfield rd campground)from July 23-August 4th.
    If in the area stop in mornings for a coffee or days end for a drink by the fire.
    I'm in a class C RV, Florida tags.
    Be well.

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